Answers to Questions You Are Thinking About Asking

Hey Ryan and Melanie, I was wondering...

1. What's the weather going to be like?  Foggy and Unpredictable.  It has not rained on June 21st in San Francisco for the past 35 years or more, but it will be chilly and potentially foggy. This is SF, after all! Dress in layers!


2.  What to wear?  Dress for festive and fun, creative formal attire that lets your personality sparkle and allows you to be warm! Bring layers and be prepared for a sunny, yet chilly day. We want you to be comfortable and warm! Ladies, you'll be more comfortable wearing sandals or wedges over your stilettos as the park ground is soft and uneven. If you are not from the Bay Area, please bring a warm jacket!!

3.  RSVP?  Yes, Please!  Please RSVP to Melanie (melanie.kaba@gmail.com) or Ryan (wartena@gmail.com) and we will confirm you and your guest!  We ask that you kindly send us an email to let us know if you plan to attend Sunday's brunch! This will help us with food order.

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